Cupcake Bouquets

Cupcake bouquets in London
Call 07748762062 or email to order.

There are 3 sizes available in our new range. You can also choose from 5 flavours which are:
– Vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry jam
– Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache
– Red velvet cupcake filled with cream cheese
– Chocolate cupcake filled with salted caramel
– Lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd

The price for the red and white rose bouquets are:
7 cupcakes= £20
12 cupcakes=£30
19 cupcakes=£40

The price for the mixed rose bouquets are:
7 cupcakes= £25
12 cupcakes=£35
19 cupcakes=£45

We will have ten small red rose bouquets to sell at Fountain house and at Chancery house on Valentines day, in case you did not get a chance to pre order.